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Welcome to the Wilderness Ratepayers and Residents Association (WRRA)

Our Vision

Wilderness is a diverse and caring community. It strives to be inclusive and to respect and preserve its indigenous flora and fauna while protecting its unique village character.

About Us

The WRRA represents all the ratepayers and residents of Wilderness and the greater Wilderness Area including Hoekwil, Rondevlei, Kleinkrantz, Die Vleie, Paradise Ridge, Langvlei and Langvlei Dunes. All ratepayers and residents are encouraged to join the WRRA to strengthen our voice with official service providers on whom we depend for major resources such as roads, electricity, water, refuse, fire, law enforcement and policing: the George Municipality, Fire Department, Garden Route District Municipality, SANParks, SANRAL, SAPS, etc. Where possible, we adopt a collaborative approach as we have proven this yields far better results than being confrontational.

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The more members we have, the more effective we will be in achieving our Vision for Wilderness but to do so we also need to ‘walk the talk’:

Caring Community

We need to enjoy helping others, volunteering, supporting good causes and giving a helping hand to those in need. Getting involved in neighbourhood and community activities through joining chat, security and fire groups, demonstrating behaviour that is kind and considerate of others and supporting local initiatives are all ways that we can achieve this.

Respect our environment

Let’s support our local conservancies, the Garden Route Biosphere Reserve and other environmental initiatives. Let’s respect and conserve our wildlife, get involved in activities to keep our beaches, sidewalks and street verges clean, remove invasive plants, collect rainwater and recycle our waste responsibly.

Make the most of our unique village character and lifestyle

We need to support responsible development and our local businesses that provide employment for community members, adding to our village ambiance and attracting appreciative visitors.

    Concrete steps that WRRA is working on to realise this Vision include:

  • Developing and leading a program focusing on environmental projects.
  • In conjunction with George Tourism and SANParks, maintaining Blue Flag status for the NSRI beach.
  • Commemorating the history and culture of Wilderness through promoting and preserving our heritage.
  • Supporting the Wilderness Fire Station through the WRRA Fire Forum network of seven localised Fire Management Units (FMUs).
  • Motivating the upgrade of our satellite Police Station to an autonomous station with its own vehicles, etc.
  • Supporting safety and security initiatives including a CCTV security system in the village and the engagement of local security providers with residents and community police forums.
  • Facilitating the WRRA Wilderness Improvement Program to support local businesses and tourism.
  • Encouraging residents and businesses to contribute to local initiatives and projects.

You’ll find other reasons to become a WRRA member on the long list of benefits at JOIN WRRA

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As a non-profit organization, we greatly appreciate the support we receive from our members through their membership fees, which are vital in funding the important work we do. Our dedicated committee members generously volunteer their time and expertise to further our mission. With a conservative budget in place, we carefully allocate resources to cover administration, operational, and communications costs, enabling us to efficiently and effectively serve our community



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