Wilderness Improvement Programme.


The Wilderness Improvement Programme (WIP) is an initiative from the Wilderness Ratepayers and Residents Association to enhance and improve the experience of living in Wilderness.

The programme includes both funding the shortfall in the operating costs of the Village Monitor Program and managing it on a daily basis. These Monitors assist in keeping Wilderness safe and clean. They start their day by cleaning up the Village streets and sidewalks. They also prevent motorists being harassed and threatened by informal car guards. The program offers full time employment to 9 residents from Wilderness.

The other components of the WIP are the establishment and tending of the gardens in and around the Village, the cutting of grass, the upkeep of signposts and the wooden dustbin shells, the clearing of overgrown areas as well as the upkeep of the public walkways and fences.

In summary, the WIP is a programme that endeavours to assist the George Municipality to deliver excellent public services to Wilderness.