WRRA has received some updates on a number of issues in the original notices sent to residents regarding the OSCAE Act and also milkwoods. One of the objectives of the OSCAE Act is to protect the dunes on which much of Wilderness is built.  If your stand is subject to this Act (see below) it can take at least four weeks to obtain such a permit. Similarly you may require permits for work to be done on any milkwoods/cheeswoods. These requirements are clearly at odds with the 21 day requirement in the notice so it is advised that you notify the Municipality in writing that you have applied for relevant permits.
Guidelines for the cleaning and maintenance of vacant stands
After the recent fires, it is vital that vacant stands be cleared of dangerous fuel loads. The Municipality has started to clean a stand below the Common as an example of how cleaning should be done.
Owners of overgrown stands will soon receive letters from the Municipality requiring them to clean their stands. If they fail to do so, the Municipality will obtain a quote from a contractor and have the work done. This expense will be added to the municipal account of the stand owner.
Here are the guidelines provided by the Municipality that owners and contractors should follow:
  • All invader plants should be felled and removed from site.
  • Protected trees e.g. milkwood and cheesewood may not be felled until authorisation is obtained.
  • Selective spacing and thinning out of non protected and non dominant trees should take place to give the stand a parkland appearance.
  • Dense undergrowth should be cleared and removed to provide unhindered access to firefighters.
  • The remaining trees, including milkwood and cheesewood, (subject to obtaining the relevant permit from the Dept of Forestry in Kynsna) should have lower branches pruned to around 1.5 meters above the ground.
  • All dead, dry and pruned material is to be removed from site.
Continued maintenance e.g. pruning, cutting and removal of dry and dead material should be done regularly, at least once a year'
Should residents need any more information, they are welcome to contact the Parks’ Section at the Municipality at 044 802 or preferably via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Is your stand subject to the provisions of the OSCAE Act
To assist ,members we have extracted the list of stands in Wilderness and Hoekwil subject to the provisions of the OSCAE Act.
Please note that WRRA has compiled this list in good faith but cannot guarantee that it is complete.